The Law of FireFly

I have lived 26 years and have had valuable life experiences and through this I have develop my life laws!

1. Make a list. Life flows smoothly when you know what needs to be done. When you see it you can accomplish it instead of wasting time thinking about what you need to be doing it you can just do it!

2. Treat yourself. You are very special and need to be treated as such but do not look to others for the treatment that you should be proving yourself. No one is saying go buy a $1,000 pair of shoes if you can not afford them but do something nice for yourself. It can be as simple as a bubble bath by candlelight.

3. Try something new. It is important to create new memories by doing new things. Do not fall into the routine of doing the same things and going the same places during your leisure time. Be open to new adventures you never know where they can lead you. Plus they make great memories and stories for later years.

4. Love Always, even if you get hurt. No I’m not saying you have to stay with a cheating partner or endure abuse. But when you feel love give it back and if you feel has let you down do not give up on it. Down is not out and the future is full of endless possibilities.

5. Always look you best. On days when you feel down do not dress the part for it will only add to your somber mood. Instead look who you would like to feel and it can brighten up your mood. Plus you never know what the day holds and who you may be regarding business or pleasure.

Hot Pink Kisses,

Emerald FireFly

This Way to ME!

Sometimes a girl has got to get away and get herself together…even the FireFly.

As we grow out personalities evolve and we become new and sometimes even different people. In order to keep up with out every changing sleeves we must continually analysis ourselves and learn about new like, dislikes, added talents and lost abilities.

I like to know myself inside out, and you should seek to do the same. As we change some of it will be for the better but not always. An annual check in with yourself will allow you to identify and correct bad habits and characteristics acquired over the past years. This helps you to be and stay the best you!

Lay the bricks and follow the road but if you loose your way have a checkpoint to guide you back to the you, you want to be!

Hot Pink Kisses,

Emerald FireFly

I’m Back

We all go through things that change us that is a part of life. When life changing events happen the key is to remain positive and focus on a future because it is filled with endless possibilities. No matter what happens in life there is a purpose for every action even if you do not understand it while you are going through it. However, sometimes you need a time-out to regroup and refocus to be able to move forward fresh and with a renewed outlook on life. From time to time we all slip into another dimension and it can often turn into a dark place but getting to the light at the end of the tunnel is most important. Stay focused and positive and a little encouragement along the way never hurt.

Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly

Evolution of a Culture

Wale said it best TV killed the radio and then the internet slit the television throat.

So if those did all of that, what did the cell phone do and more recently the smart phone?

I read somewhere that “Gadgets somehow makes everything go faster as if life weren’t going fast enough” and to me that is what smart phones did and continue to do…at least for me they made information more convient but isolated the population.

As I sit here typing this post on my cell phone I am a product of my generation.

Good that I am advanced in technology and bad that I am ignoring the person sitting next to me.

Who we are and where we are going as a result of this cultural evolution no one knows. Yes there has been much speculation that technology is hurting us more than it is helping up but who really knows. Maybe we should find our way back to the basics, just in case. Give me a pen and a piece of paper and I will write…write a love letter…not a text, email or fax. Because computers can crash and phones can be stolen but a physical declaration of can be preserved and kept forever.

Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly

Emerald FireFly’s Summer Travel Tips

This is the season of vacations and road trips so here are some hip chick tips for travel.

Girls Getaway Travel Kit
Five Essential Items

1-Your favorite bottle of wine…not matter where you go a good time is just a bottle away.

2-Cute hat and big sunglasses- fabulous descuise and necessary accessories.

3-We all have that book that we own that we want to read…throw it in your travel bag.

4-Unscented baby wipes or wet wipes-they can be used for a number of reasons.

5-An all purpose or all season sweater or jacket.

Make sure these items are easily accessible. You never know when one of them will come in handy!!!

ALSO- when traveling remember to snack healthy…nuts and fresh or dried fruits are always a great idea when traveling.

Spring Cleaning


April is the month of great weather and beautiful blooms in most cities. After being snowed in most of the winter it is only right to want to get out into the sun and enjoy yourself and I encourage you to do so. However, all of those months being cooped up in the house have probably made your house junky and cluttered. Not to mention the aftermath of the holidays, travel and out of town guest.

Get your life together for the spring and summer and do a little cleaning. No matter what you do or where you getaway to when you come home you should feel just as great as the weather.

Clutter of your personal space bring clutter of your mental space.  Start with the physical and it will influence the mental. No matter where you go there you are!

It is time to clean your life out!

Lets get organized and do a little spring cleaning. Rid yourself of unnecessary items or store items that are no longer in season. Make room for new and improved or clean up what you already have.  Somethings are reminders of times past but sentimental none the less. Free yourself of the emotional reminder of times past and make room for the future to happen.

Buy some new sheets or towels in a fun color to add some brightness to your life. Simple fixes can make a big difference.

But, for every new item your bring in your house take one thing out.

Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly

Everybody Plays the Fool Sometimes

It is April first, also known as April Fool’s Day.

Be careful of the jokes you play on others. Take into consideration
how the same prank may make you feel because at the end of the day the
real joke may be on you!

Karma comes back and your time will come. We have all played or will
play the fool one day but lower your chances by putting good karma out
in the world. Today is meant to be fun and funny not mean so keep this
in mind when planning your pranks.

You are free to do as your want but you are not free of the
consequences of your choices.


Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly

Travel Smart because Life Happens

New beginnings do not always come at the first of the year.

Fresh starts can happen whenever you choose. The choice is yours.

As we all get older time passes quickly and for some a twice a year self evaluation is necessary.

January first is always a good time to map out your year but a check-in or check-up should follow to access your progress.

Birthdays are great time to reset and reevaluate goals…as long as it’s not like mines and falls at the end of the year. Or maybe a midway point around June/July/August.

But don’t let the year pass you by and come December you are scrambling to the finish line because you may not make it. Plan ahead and travel the road to your goals smart.

No journey will be the same and there will be detours along the way. That is life. But travel smart and map out your course. Things will change because that is how life works but it is earlier to modify a map in troubled times than to create one.

It is nearing the end of March and we have almost covered the first quarter of 2014.

How is your 2014 journey going?

Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly

Let the Good Times Roll

In the spirit of Mardi Gras, Carnival and sheer indulgence I encourage you to participate in life!

Splurge a little, but according to your personal budget.

Life should be fun and life should be enjoyed!

Yes sometimes enjoying it does take money but with a little creativity anyone anywhere can enjoy life.

Money does not necessarily make things more fun it just makes it more accessible.

But hey when there is a will there is a way!

Do not let life pass you by. Live it, be a part of it. Do not be a spectator on the side watching but get out and PARTICIPATE.

Just say YES to Life!

Hot Pink Kisses,
Emerald FireFly


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